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Grab your skates, head out of the cabin, a deer wanders out from behind a tree, the geese are honking overhead, you make your way to the local outdoor rink. Did you remember your Toque? And who’s bringing the beer anyways?

Whether you’re on a road trip to the Yukon or watching Les Canadiens de Montréal vs Toronto Maple Leafs with your buddies, camping at your favourite spot or hitting up the town’s curling social for the first time, paddling the canoe down the lake or heading to a summer BBQ; The Drink Toque is an overture to live life, live the journey, and have fun doing it. 

We’re a lifestyle brand, for your drinks. The Drink Toque combines Canadian icons, toques and drinks, bringing a renewed sense of style and functionality, to form the quintessential drink insulator for the Canadian at heart. 

The Drink Toque keeps your drinks cold (or warm, if you’re into that kind of thing), your hands stay dry, and they even act as a built-in coaster. From water to beer, pop to hot chocolate; they’re functional, they’re versatile, they're durable, and gosh darn it, people like them. 

But why believe us, hear it from one of our satisfied customers instead : “Johnny Canuck loves to wear flannel, do stuff in the woods, generally just kick ass. You know what also kicks ass? Drink Toques. Sometimes when I’d have a beer by the campfire, my hands would get moist from the container, and that would make it harder to grip my axe. Not any more though, because thankfully The Drink Toque keeps my vibe set to kick ass all the time!” (Johnny Canuck)

We established The Drink Toque in 2008, in beautiful British Columbia, Canada. We’ve sold thousands of Drink Toques all over the world, and now it’s your turn. Grab your Drink Toque, today is going to be a good day!