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QUESTION: I like Canada, hockey, beer, my canoe, doughnuts, doughnuts in my canoe, and I have a strange fascination with beavers. Is The Drink Toque for me?

ANSWER: You like to have fun, we like to have fun, sounds like we should be friends. Authentically Canadian, The Drink Toque is a lifestyle brand, for your drinks. Whether you want beverage insulation, or drink fashion, The Drink Toque has something for everyone.


QUESTION: Is The Drink Toque really a beverage insulator, or should I just keep drinking in the walk-in fridge?

ANSWER: Yes, it insulates, keeps your hands dry, and even acts as its' own coaster! We put toques on our head to keep the cold out and the heat in. The Drink toque works on the same principal. Drink fashion simply improves the fit and feel of your drinking experience. 


QUESTION: Alright, I went camping, and my friend buried me in the sand for two days, and now my Drink Toque is dirty. Can I wash it?

ANSWER: First, honestly, I am not sure your friend likes you, but I am laughing ... at you ... Dirty dirty Drink Toque, we recommend hand washing, but, we've been throwing them in the delicates wash for years, and that's worked just fine for us.


(Refund Policy)


QUESTION: There's a problem, it's not you, it's me / I thought Drink Toques were socks / I can't figure out where the beer goes / My beer is broken. No, wait, it's my Drink Toque

ANSWER: Are you saying you want a refund? You have 1 week to let us know and mail it back. We won't accept Drink Toques that you ran through the lawn mower or that your cat used for kitty litter. We've sold thousands and only had a handful of returns, so you're in good hands here.


(International Shipping)


QUESTION: I'm going to live in France, can you send me some Drink Toques?

ANSWER: Yes, we can ship Internationally. It can be a little on the expensive side to ship Internationally, so the more your order, the more the average cost goes down.




QUESTION: Do you sell in brick and mortar stores? Do you sell Wholesale? Can we make custom Drink Toques for our roller derby team?

ANSWER: Sounds like you need to check out our Wholesale page, click here for details.